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Bonus PoS Thanks for the cool product! your pizza software is AMAZING and simple,
it is AWESOME software and has saved my fathers business
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The software you gentlemen have created is beyond perfect
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Four Years Ago, V6.5

Quizno's Delivery Contest 2008

In mid 2008 Quizno's had plans to announce a national roll out of Quizno's Delivery during Super Bowl XLIII.

Eighty Quizno's in Central Florida, (Orlando Area), were engaged in a delivery test run and contest. Three of the Eighty Quizno's were using Version 6.5. These three stores placed First, Second, and Third in a field of eighty.

Later I met with the Winter Garden Florida Quizno's owner, who placed second, and he told me this story. He had one person on his staff that did not want anything to do with a computer. One day he ordered this person to use the software for one day. After that one day of use, if they wanted to go back to pencil and paper it would be OK. From that day forward, they used the Delivery software.

Then Over One Year Ago,V10

Last version I had was v8, & I thought that was a masterpiece.....
It is, but what shall I call the V10????

Features Not Found In ANY PoS Software

In Use At Over 3,000 Restaurants

pizza hut

¹Simple only due to extraordinary programming efforts

More Than Just Pizza Restaurant PoS Software

In Use At Over 3,000 Restaurants

Used by All Types of Restaurants
and Delivery Services

Pizza Restaurant Point of Sale is the most demanding PoS, It can be used nearly anywhere.
Pizza ShopsChicken and WingsBar and TavernWine, Beer, Liquor
Sub ShopsRibsGiftsMedical Marijuana
SeafoodMexicanGroceriesMany, Many, More

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